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Water Tank Experts

Hi, my name is Seb.

By trade, I am a plumber/tiler and heating engineer.

My plumbing apprenticeship started straight after school with a plumbing company in Wicklow. I spent my five years completing my apprenticeship with them where I gained a lot of experience fitting new build houses.

After my apprenticeship, I worked with the same company for a few more years and then went out independently. My focus was on bathroom renovations, central heating systems and general plumbing.


Then I went to Australia for a year with my best mate.

And that's how and where I got into water storage tank cleaning!

In Australia, regular water storage tank cleaning is the norm. Everyone gets it done and it's something you are required to have done in your household.

When I came back to Ireland, I started the company Attic Water Tank Cleaning or AWTC. I had been in so many houses in Ireland during my time as a plumber, and it never occurred to me about the state of our water tanks in this country and how they affect the whole plumbing system and general health when the tanks are so dirty.

Attic Water Tank Cleaning have now been cleaning residential and commercial attic water storage tanks for the last ten years and have helped out so many amazing customers.

We want to continue to do this for a very long time.

And hopefully we will be working in your home, cleaning your attic water tank soon.

A happy water tank makes a happy plumbing system!

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